Dylan Francis



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Dylan Francis

Dylan Francis is a native of Chester County, Pennsylvania. Born to adventurous and eco-conscious parents, he was introduced to a love of outdoor exploration at a young age. After becoming a freelance photographer and videographer in his early 20’s, Francis set his sights on travel and storytelling. During a six week backpack venture into Peru, he fell in love with the Amazon Rainforest and the cultures within, which led him to ACEER. 

Francis believes that the key to conservation is through education. Through his own education and experience, he feels that his mind has been opened to entirely new ways of life and thinking that have served him greatly. He hopes to inspire others in the same way that he has been inspired by great artists and journalists of the past and present. 

Currently, Francis is working for ACEER as a writer, photojournalist, and the emerging conservation fellow liaison. He also works as a professional photographer and carpenter. He is pursuing a degree in biology to further his understanding of the natural world he aims to protect. 

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