Amazonian Conservation, Global Sustainability
ACEER develops local and global environmental leaders who work to conserve and restore functioning landscapes in the Amazon Basin and beyond.
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More than 30 years ago, the Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research (ACEER) was founded with a vision to collaborate with universities, schools, business conservation organizations, and families in the United States and Peru. 

Today, we are proud to operate as a global leader in experiential education focused on environmental issues and indigenous cultures in the Amazon basin and around the world.


Our roots will always be in the Amazon, but the lessons we’ve learned over three decades in the Peruvian Amazon are valuable to everyone…

….everywhere, all over the world. 

Experiential Learning

The ACEER Foundation is the go-to experiential learning organization in southeastern Peru that delivers education programs to help develop the next generation of cross-disciplinary conservation leaders

Conservation Learning Web

The ACEER Conservation Learning Web is a bold educational initiative that integrates environmental education in the classroom with out-of-school learning experiences and community programs

The ACEER Film Series Presents

Guardians of the Forest

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Our Latest ACEER Blog Posts

Indigenous Cultures
Terri Shadle

Both/And: Thanksgiving

For many Americans, Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks: thanks for our family, friends, our good luck: small and large, while heaping our plates with turkey, stuffing, potatoes and pie. But for many Native Americans, it is seen as a day of mourning. November is Native American Heritage Month and (as the story goes)

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In the Garden of Deeden: Homemade Medicinal Preparations

In any visit to a market in an Amazonian town, one will find the local “pharmacy” section.  A robust zone dedicated to whole and processed medicinal plants for use in treatment and in ceremony. Cat’s Claw, Dragon’s Blood, 7- and 21-Roots are just a few of the more popular preparations. The bulk herbs can be used

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In Memoriam

Olivia Newton-John

September 26, 1948 – August 8, 2022

The ACEER mourns the passing of our dear Board member Olivia Newton-John, wife of our current Board member John Easterling.  Olivia was a force for global conservation and held the ACEER in her heart for nearly 15 years. 

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Photograph by Jon Cox

In Memoriam

Chris Davidson

February 10, 1944 – August 29, 2022

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of ACEER friend, former Board member, and philanthropist Chris Davidson. Chris was a passionate conservationist, traveling the world to document all known families of flowering plants.  In recognition of his lifelong commitment to conservation, Chris was awarded by the Board the 2020 ACEER Legacy Award. 

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Meet our 2022 Artists in Residence

Beyond Conservation: Bridging Art And Science To Protect The Amazon Rainforest

Anja, Chris, Felipe, Henry, Pablo, Ilaria & Aaron