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Voices from the Forest

The Campaign for Climate and Environmental Justice

With an extreme sense of urgency, and a recognition that the Amazon Rainforest, its biodiversity and its indigenous cultures are at a crucial tipping point, we at ACEER are launching this new strategic initiative that will guide our efforts for years to come.  Indigenous people are the ancestral stewards of the planet. Their Traditional Ecosystem Knowledge (TEK) offers a blueprint forward for a global society suffering from climate change, mass extinctions, habitat loss, and a wide array of environmental injustices. Climate and environmental injustices disproportionately affect indigenous, underrepresented populations in Amazonia. Our goal is to mitigate these disparities by giving voice to and connecting the native people of Amazonia to a vast network of conservationists, scientists, artists, educators, storytellers, ethicists, and policymakers.

This page will be a clearing house for news and actions we are taking to address climate and environmental justice. It will also be an invitation to you to get directly involved. You can experience the sights and sounds of the Amazon rainforest; hear directly from indigenous leaders; read about the critical work of our Conservation Fellows; and meet our new Rainforest Ambassadors….members of our wider community committed to supporting ACEER’s mission to create the next generation of conservation leaders. To fund our work, the goal of this Voices from the Forest campaign is to raise $1 million dollars. So come back often to see the progress we are making and lend your voice to this campaign for climate and environmental justice.

Meet our first ACEER Rainforest Ambassador

Liona Boyd

ACEER Rainforest Ambassador

In 2002 I took a cruise from Manaus along the magnificent Rio Negro in the Amazon…and in 2013 I was motivated to compose “A Prayer for Planet Earth” after seeing heartbreaking images of Amazonian destruction and the melting of the polar icecaps. From climate change to environmental justice, the time is now for all of us to add our voices to ACEER’s mission. I’m glad to add mine.

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How to become a Rainforest Ambassador

Our new Rainforest Ambassador Program is growing. Stay tuned!