Bringing the Amazon Rainforest Home

Welcome Teachers!

The ACEER Foundation is collaborating with the Delaware Teachers Institute for our initiative:

“Bringing the Amazon Rainforest Home”

Read the full article article in UDaily from October 14, 2022

For 2021 and 2022, 15 teachers from New Castle, Sussex and Kent counties (Delaware, US)worked closely with us to develop curricula that not only meets the robust Next Generation Science Standards of the United States education system, but also fostered mutual understanding between cultures and allows teachers and students to engage directly with ACEER’s network of professionals working in the Amazon rainforest.

We at ACEER feel we must take the lessons the Amazon offers for how to live sustainably and bring it home to schools and communities across the globe. The next generation of conservation leaders will come not only from Amazonia, but from every region of the world. 

We are really excited to be bringing the teachers down to the Peruvian Amazon. There will be a week-long summer institute to provide teachers an immersive first-hand experience and give them the opportunity to work with a cohort of teachers from Delaware and Peru and experts in the field as their guides. The trip is currently on hold due to Covid-19 but in the meantime we are mid-way through our virtual seminar series – more on that in our next post!

This project has been partially funded by the Longwood Foundation.

This Project had concluded…the curricula can be viewed at the link below!!

Bringing the Amazon Home Curricula

Meet our 2021 Teacher Partners