Amazonian Conservation, Global Sustainability
The Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research (ACEER) Foundation develops local and global environmental leaders who work to conserve and restore functioning landscapes in the Amazon Basin and beyond.
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Our Bringing the Amazon Home curriculum is accompanied by multimedia learning materials that can be implemented by teachers worldwide. Curricula span the breadth of K-12 education, including environmental sciences, sociology, math, art, and more!

Our Latest ACEER Blog Posts

Stingless Bees in Hive in Peruvian Amazon Rainforest

In the Garden of Deeden: The Honey Harvest

According to the US Department of Agriculture honey bees alone pollinate 80% of all flowering plants. Their pollination of over 130 different species of vegetables and fruits means that these tiny creatures have a huge role in global food production. Their precipitous population decline should send shock waves throughout the world. That’s why every effort to protect

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Illegal deforestation on farm.
Judith Westveer

The effects of climate change: from rainforest to savanna

The Amazon rainforest makes its own rain. And less forest means less precipitation. As forest destruction affects climate and vice versa, the concern is that the Amazon will be caught up in a set of feedback loops that could dramatically speed up the pace of forest loss and degradation and bring the Amazon to a point of no return. This ‘tipping point’ may occur when a certain percentage of Amazonian habitat dies, after which it will all turn into a savanna-like ecosystem. 

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Lindsay Schmittle

Fighting Habitat Fragmentation with the Lungs of the Earth Landscapes

These torn tropical landscapes are a part of my Lungs of the Earth Collection about my time spent deep in the Peruvian rainforest for an Artist Residency with the Amazon Center for Environmental Education & Research (ACEER) Foundation in January 2022. The ACEER Foundation’s mission is “to design and implement transformative, experiential learning that develops

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