Our Board

Board Officers

President  Jon Cox, MFA

Vice President  Roger W. Mustalish, Ph.D., Creighton University

Chairperson, Board of Directors  Paul Morgan, Ph.D., West Chester University

Vice Chair John Easterling

Treasurer  Donald E. Barr, Ph.D., President, D. E. Barr & Associates

Board Members

Terry Garcia, Founder, Exploration Ventures

Nora Bynum, Conservation Consultant

Therany Gonzales, Co-Founder, Nature Explorers

Alexander Moen, Vice President, National Geographic Society

John Easterling, Eco-entrepreneur

Armando Valdes Velasquez, Ph.D., Specialist in Biodiversity, Natural Resources & environmental Issues

Cecilia Mendiola Vargas, Education Consultant, Lima

Ben Hemmings, Ben Hemmings Media

Paola Moreno-Roman, Ph.D., Strategic Partnerships Consultant, Foldscope Instruments, Inc.

John Matise, President of Carlson-Matise, LLC

Emeritus Board Members

James A. Duke, Ph.D. Director Emeritus (posthumous)

Mark Blumenthal, Director Emeritus, Founder and Executive Director, American Botanical Council

Olivia Newton-John, Singer, Actress and Philanthropist – In Memoriam

Thomas Lovejoy, Ph.D., United Nations Foundation – In Memoriam

Chris Davidson, Ph.D., President, Idaho Botanical Research Foundation

Marketing Committee

Jon Cox – Chair

Raquel Condori

Dylan Francis

Brian Griffiths

Therany Gonzales

Ben Hemmings

Holly O’Donnell

Terri Shadle

Science and Education Advisory Committee

Nora Bynum, Ph.D., Co-chair

Holly O’Donnell, Co-chair

Mark Blumenthal, Founder and Executive Director, American Botanical Council

Jon Cox, Faculty, University of Delaware

Joel Quadracci, President and COO, Quad

Judith Westveer, Conservation Ecologist (PhD)

ACEER Staff in the United States

Nora Bynum, Director of Education

Jon Cox, President

Brian Griffiths, Director of Research

Paul Morgan, Chairperson, Board of Directors

Holly O’Donnell, Social Media Manager

Terri Shadle, Graphic Designer

Jordan Silberman, Geographer, Editor and Web Developer

ACEER Affiliates in Peru

Therany Gonzales, Education Coordinator

Raquel Condori, Education Specialist

Cecilia Borda, Education Specialist

Jasmine Vargas Takana, General Accountant

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