Artist in Residence

Beyond Conservation: Bridging Art and Science to Protect the Amazon Rainforest

Artists and scientists have long looked to nature for inspiration, and the subsequent innovations have led to great leaps forward in culture, society, and technology. Collaboration between the arts and sciences creates new knowledge, ideas, and processes beneficial to both fields. Artists are known to be creative problem solvers and are able to disseminate complex topics in an approachable way to a broad audience to help protect the Indigenous communities and the Amazon rainforest.

Meet the 2022 ACEER Artists in Residence


This three week residency program is hosted by Camino Verde reforestation Centre and coordinated and run by ACEER and Studio Verde

This Artist in Residence (AIR) program integrates involvement with Indigenous communities and in-depth lectures and workshops led by local specialists in the scientific field.  It provides a meeting point where participants can investigate and challenge their creative practices in a stimulating environment. Through critique and collaborative engagement, participants explore ways to understand, represent and arrive at creative solutions to the issues facing Amazonia.  

Its interdisciplinary approach combines artists’ unique abilities to transcend language, race, sexual orientation, and socio-economic barriers with scientists’ unique skills to collect and translate data that deepens our understanding of the natural world. Bringing international and local artists together in an immersive Art & Science program in the Peruvian Amazon provides participants an opportunity to form a deep understanding of the challenges of Indigenous communities and conservation practices faced in the Amazon rainforest. 


At the end of the AIR program, Artists offer the local community an opportunity to engage in their findings by planning and executing a public exhibition and/or Artist talk in Puerto Maldonado, Peru. Artists are also encouraged to participate in talks and workshops that are held during the residency. 


  • Funded- Facilities, Food, Local transportation, workshops and lectures are provided for the artists.
  • Artists are responsible for their own Transport to Puerto Maldendao and health insurance 


September 7th – 28th TBC | Total 3 weeks 

3 Days – Puerto Maldonado City 

  • Lecture on the area
  • Orientation /  / shown gallery space 
  • Visit to inferno indigenous community  
  • Stay at Kapieve Ecovillage 

2 weeks Camino Verde Reforestation Centre:

 Located on the banks of the Tambopata River, in the official buffer zone of the Tambopata National Reserve. 

  • Workshops and lectures
  • Self directed studio time 

4x days Puerto maldonado 

  • Prepare & Install exhibition 


The Artist in Residence Program for 2022 Fall is in process. Please check back for details on applying for the 2023 Artist in Residence Program.