ACEER Foundational Pillars

The Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research (ACEER) Foundation is a 501C3 non-profit charity focused on education, research, conservation, and climate and environmental justice in the Amazon.

We design and implement transformative, experiential learning that develops local and global environmental leaders who work to conserve and restore functioning landscapes in the Amazon Basin and beyond.

We accomplish our mission through our guiding pillars of Experiential Education, Field Based Research, Environmental Justice, and Arts & Culture.

The Four Pillars of ACEER Programming

Experiential Education

Conservation Learning Web
Bringing the Amazon Home
Puppet House
Nature Explorers
Pillar 1

Field Based Research

Camera Traps
"Leaf Pack" Stream Ecology
Canopy Walkway Systems
Conservation Leaders
Pillar 2

Environmental Justice

Indigenous Voices: Ese Eja
Indigenous Voices: Maijuna
Indigenous Voices: Lenape Tribe of Delaware
Indigenous Voices: Shipibo
Pillar 3

Arts & Culture

Artist in Residence
Gallery in Peru
Pillar 4