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University of Delaware

Christian Adams

Conservation Leader

ACEER Member since:  2023

Professional Affiliation: University of Delaware

"Conservation is something inherently multifaceted and, when considered in a specific context, always interdisciplinary. When engaging conservation dilemmas, it is critical to remember that in the dilemma lies not only an environmental context but other contexts focused on culture, sustainability, development, and so much more. Many think that conservation at its root is about preservation and protection in the face of something being actively lost to us. I think this is true, but it is even more accurate to say that conservation is about the protection of not one but multiple critical things that not only define our present and future, but our pasts as well."


Christian is an undergraduate student in the Insect Ecology and Conservation major at the University of Delaware. He is a beekeeper and member of several mid-Atlantic beekeeping organizations, and is currently a member of the UD Bee Lab under Dr. Deborah Delaney. His main career goal is to study the ethnobiology/anthrozoology of global beekeeping with emphasis on beekeeping where A. mellifera is native, methods of management with other Apis species, and meliponiculture as a growing practice. As a 2023 David A. Plastino Scholars Program awardee, Christian joined the July 2023 Maijuna Ancestral Lands expedition in a multifaceted study, aiming to collaborate with the Maijuna on a record and resource of stingless beekeeping practices, develop a pollen library of stingless bees, and create an inventory of stingless bee morphological features. When not studying or working, Christian enjoys fly fishing, hunting for culinary mushrooms, and mead making!

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