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"The Amazon is place that forces our minds to open and, consequently, allows a sense of deep mystery to quietly assert itself. The Amazon rainforest reserves a special place in my story. It was the first true exploration I had done after spending most of my life in rural Pennsylvania and my escape from “Platos Cave”, if you will. The Amazon Rainforest is a place that I've always known about, but never grasped the magnitude of it, until flying for hours over the endless green. This is a place with animals that even locals never see. To think, one could walk just past a Jaguar or sit under a Harpy eagle. Ancient trees feel you through their root and mycelium networks as you pass by. While it is under threat, much of it is still whole and untamed, and there’s a kind of reassurance in that: knowing that not all is known and not all is domesticated."


Dylan “Cobe” Francis is a photographer, Videographer and writer based out of Chester County, Pennsylvania with an emphasis on Amazonian research and sustainability. His work has been shown at a large variety of venues and journals including Longwood Gardens, Peru’s ministry of culture, and the Delaware history museum. He is excited to continue his work with amazonian indigenous cultures and hopes to play a part in sharing the magic of the rainforest to a global audience.

For updates about his work and travels, or for inquiries, reach out to him on his instagram @dylanfrancistgm or check out his website at

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February 4, 2023
Stingless Bees in Hive in Peruvian Amazon Rainforest
“Ha! Careful, they’ll try and go up your nose!” I turn and see Jospeh See, an ACEER conservation fellow, covered in...