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Alvernia University

Jamie Becker

Conservation Leader

ACEER Member since:  2023

Professional Affiliation: Alvernia University

"Conservation means recognizing that humans are one of millions of species sustained by our planet - each of which has a collaborative role to play in the wonderfully complex story of life on Earth."


Jamie is an Assistant Professor of Biology at Alvernia University. He is interested in exploring the unseen microbial world around us. His research combines field sampling, traditional cultivation techniques, and bioinformatic approaches to examine microbial physiology and interactions. Becker uses environmental DNA and microorganisms in water and soil as a lens for understanding physiology and evolution in an ecological context. His goal is to better understand how diverse microbes ensure healthy ecosystem functioning and his research has been published in scholarly journals focused on microbial ecology and inclusive pedagogical practices. Becker has been over two miles below the ocean’s surface and spent more than 250 days in the field observing and domesticating wild microbes.

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