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Alanna Tarkington

Director of Rainforest Relations

ACEER Member since:  2023

Professional Affiliation: ACEER Foundation

"I learned about the beautiful connection between animals and the environment from a member of the Cherokee tribe. Studying other Indigenous cultures inspired me to connect with and teach others to understand and save our planet. All species, including humans, are intimately interconnected and interrelated in this magnificent matrix of life, which makes our existence possible. The Amazon rainforest, being the Lungs of Mother Earth, is necessary for our very survival. We must all humbly learn to honor and to teach our connections with the plants, the animals, and the magic of our planet with others not only to protect the environment but to save our own species."


Alanna Tarkington was a psychotherapist in private practice for many years and has a passion for helping people and animals. She is the author of "Now It's Our Turn, How Women Can Transform Their Lives and Save the Planet", under the pen name, Alana Lyons. Her book focuses on environmentalism and how women can change their lives and save the world. She was a member of the President's Advisory, National Wildlife Federation & National Council and Humane Society of the United States. She is currently a member of the Equine Council, Humane Society of the United States & Board of Directors, People Helping People.

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