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Gingerly Press

Lindsay Schmittle

Conservation Leader, ACEER Artist in Residence 2022

ACEER Member since:  2022-2023

Professional Affiliation: Gingerly Press

"Conservation is the recognition that all things & beings are interconnected on this planet, the realization that we humans are only one of 8.7 million species, and the respect, education and action to remedy the negative imbalance humans have put on the Earth’s other inhabitants."


Gingerly Press is the printmaking studio practice of letterpress artist, Lindsay Schmittle. Lindsay discovered her love for old-school letterpress printing as a Visual Communications major at the University of Delaware. Jaded by the copious screen time of graphic design, Lindsay found her sweet spot in the letterpress studio, at the intersection of design, illustration and hands-on craft.

After honing her skills at various print shops post-graduation, Lindsay began her own venture under the name of Gingerly Press. She relocated across the state of Pennsylvania to expand her studio practice in Pittsburgh in August 2019.

Inspired by both her big & small adventures in nature, Lindsay creates colorful & playful letterpress printed artworks & stationery products that share nature’s simple stories through vintage handset type and hand-carved blocks. She has collections of letterpress printed wall art inspired by her 2017 solo thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail, her 2022 ACEER Artist Residency working with the Indigenous Maijuna community of the Peruvian Amazon, as well as the most simple of strolls on trails local to Pittsburgh. She creates to share nature’s small beauties, even while on the biggest of adventures, to encourage others to slow down, be mindful, and soak up the simple joys nature has to offer all around us. Her wall art brightens your homes and empowers you to explore the outdoors more, appreciate nature’s beauty, and adopt more sustainable living practices for a healthier planet.

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July 6, 2023
These torn tropical landscapes are a part of my Lungs of the Earth Collection about my time spent deep in the...
April 2, 2022
By Lindsay Schmittle, Gingerly Press My experience on the 2022 ACEER Artist Residency along the Sucusari River Basin deep in the...