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OnePlanet, Inc. and Dunes Learning Center

Elizabeth Benson

Conservation Leader

ACEER Member since:  2021-2023

Professional Affiliation: OnePlanet, Inc. and Dunes Learning Center

"Conservation means nurturing what natural systems and people need for robust health and long-term functioning, including the education and values necessary for sustaining it into the future."


Elizabeth began working with the Maijuna in 2018, concentrating on research and development of OnePlanet’s stingless beekeeping, ecotourism, and mammal conservation projects. Elizabeth is passionate about the intersections of traditional knowledge, ecology, and food systems. Before joining OnePlanet, Elizabeth studied ecology and evolution at Harvard University. Outside of work, she loves backpacking, swimming, reading, and cooking with friends.

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September 15, 2021
Sprawled on the palm floor of her home, I listen intently as Marcelina recounts the local bees she knows. With the...
August 26, 2021
The morning light is dimmed by the rainforest canopy as I scramble up the bank of the Sucusari River from our...