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ACEER - Amazon Aid

Maisie McNeice

Conservation Fellow - supported by Amazon Aid

ACEER Member since:  2021

Professional Affiliation: ACEER - Amazon Aid

"I have spent much of my life in wild areas and I have witnessed first-hand the pressure that humans place on the environment. To me, conservation is about finding culturally aware, regionally specific management solutions which ensure that those people who live in and alongside the natural world can benefit from its protection rather than its exploitation."


Maisie McNeice is an interdisciplinary artist working in printmaking, drawing and installation. Much of her work has a deep connection with nature and is crafted using foraged natural materials. She makes her own mineral pigments and inks from rocks, clays and plants, and incorporates organic structures, human artefacts, and animal track impressions in her installations.

Themes related to conservation and the integration of art and science are central to her artistic practice. Maisie was raised in a lion research camp in Southern Africa and has worked at several biological research stations in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. She is currently collaborating with Peruvian reforestation centre Camino Verde as a botanical illustrator, and is experimenting with indigenous European flora from her home in rural Italy.

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July 27, 2021
ACEER Conservation Fellow and Amazon Aid, Artist for the Amazon Maisie McNeice is an Artist who has worked in Peru and...
March 26, 2021
Since 2015 I have had the privilege of collaborating with inspiring researchers & conservationists. I began my work in Peru as...