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Mamirauá Sustainable Development Institute (

Miguel Monteiro

Conservation Fellow

ACEER Member since:  2021

Professional Affiliation: Mamirauá Sustainable Development Institute (

"Conservation to me is a joint effort to guarantee viable habitats and wildlife populations in the long-term while providing adequate and sustainable standards of living to human beings."


Miguel is a passionate conservationist based in Brazil who has been entirely dedicated to wildlife conservation in tropical forests. After graduating in Rio de Janeiro he moved to a small town deep in the Amazon to start working at Mamirauá Institute, a social organization that develops research and conservation projects together with the local communities. He's had experience working with camera-traps, but over the past years has done research on human-wildlife conflict involving jaguars and traditional communities in the Amazon.

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Miguel's Posts

October 27, 2022
A light rain trickled down the leaves of the dense forest, glistening as the morning sun penetrated through the clouds. A...
January 19, 2022
A jaguar is on the prowl on the outskirts of a local community deep in the Amazon rainforest. Its roars can...
July 28, 2021
The forest was pitch black, its darkness amplified by the night. All I could see was a dense rainforest lit by...
May 13, 2021
I was immersed in half-empty forest fragments, surrounded by concrete or pastures, for most of my life. The once-thriving Atlantic Forest...