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Vítor da Silva

Emerging Conservation Fellow: Indigenous Voices and Cultural Conservation

ACEER Member since:  2021

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"For me, meaningful conservation means a balanced bridging between nature-centric and human-centered perspectives where the voices and traditional knowledge systems of local communities are included, rather than disregarded, in the decision-making process concerned with the wellbeing of our planet."


Vítor da Silva is an indigenous rights researcher, ethnographer, and storyteller. After leaving the Portuguese Armed Forces, Vítor crafted a unique background in the field of forensic science and anthropology and today he uses his criminal investigation training to uncover and report on human rights abuses against Indigenous Peoples around the world. Some of the communities he as worked with include: the Maasai tribe in the savannahs of Kenya, the nomadic Changpa people from the Himalayan plateau, and the Noke Kuin people from the Brazilian Amazon. His postgraduate thesis  "Ritual, Resistance, and the Right to Exist" focuses on the relationship between sacred rituals and the power of resistance among Indigenous Peoples in the Amazon Rainforest — an ethnographic research part of his Master's degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

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April 2, 2022
by Vítor da Silva Fig 1. Agapo, a Maijuna elder, coats his hand-made canoe with tar. (Photo by Brian Griffiths) Our canoe...