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ACEER collaborated with the National Geographic Society and the University of Delaware to connect a team of anthropologists, professors, students, and others with a passion for conservation to the Ese’ Eja people. Their objectives were the following:

Cultural Preservation

Using ACEER’s deep connections with the Ese’ Eja people, the team began documenting the tribe’s customs, beliefs, and methods of daily living. The culture mapping project empowers the indigenous nation to tell their story, encapsulating it for their future generations and to share with rest of the world. 

ACEER assisted in publishing the Ese’Eja nation’s story in a photojournalistic book, Ancestral Lands of the Ese’Eja: The True People, with English and Spanish editions. (The Spanish edition is still being edited by the tribe elders.) ACEER also facilitated connections for the educational exhibition, The Ese’Eja People of the Amazon: Connected by a Thread, which travels across the U.S. Learn more about the exhibition.

We have reached more than 2,500 kids in the area with educational programming.

Education Programming

ACEER’s network of education connections has been put to work building a knowledge-share between the Ese’Eja nation and those outside the tribe. Through partnerships with organizations like One Tree, Leaf Pack, National Geographic, and others, we bring simple and affordable conservation technologies and educational resources into the region. We have reached more than 2,500 kids in the area with educational programs. ACEER also uses initiatives started by the Ese’Eja, such as their ecotourism lodge, to plan for larger education programs that invite community leaders and educators to learn about conservation and the rainforest.

Plan de Vida:

The team continues to work with the Ese’Eja people to create a flexible, sustainable plan that empowers the tribe to navigate the realities of the 21st century on their own terms. It focuses on maintaining their indigenous perspective while enabling positive interactions and impact with their evolving world. ACEER facilitates connecting Ese’Eja elders with outside facilitators, and we help to raise awareness and support for the initiatives the Ese’Eja establish as a result.