Puppet House

ACEER Puppet House Program

The puppet house is a part of our Conservation Learning Web and in any given year promotes learning about the rainforest for teachers and elementary school children through the use of playful techniques such as puppets, music and songs, artistic creativity, and outdoor (field) activities. This strengthens their abilities and attitude about the knowledge and care of the environment.

Stories such as “Yoqui, the Brave Parrot”, “My Small Paradise”, and “Fish in Flight”, among others, describe the problems of the local environment, and offer participants a chance to exercise their critical thinking skills in order to generate viable solutions and attitude changes to promote conservation in the Peruvian Amazon. These stories reflect the biodiversity of the Peruvian Amazon and narrate the story of animals and plants that inhabit it, and the delicate interaction between its organisms.

The activities take place in three stages – the first being a motivational session in the classroom, during which time the purpose and methods are explained to the teacher and students. The second session is a field trip that culminates in the puppet presentation. The final session is back in the classroom to gather feedback about what was learned on the field trip and at the Puppet House.


The Puppet House is part of our Conservation Learning Web and last year over 700 children travel to the Private Conservation Concession: K’erenda Homet and participated in the program

This program is so popular and so successful that in 2013, ACEER was awarded Peru’s top environmental education award by the Ministry of Environment. 

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