Amazon birds come for a visit


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June 14, 2023

Amazon birds come for a visit


Adult Male Tanger | @Alex Burdo, Macaulay Library | Texas, April 16, 2016

Tanagers, Yellow Warblers, Bobolinks, Chivi Vireo, and more are all different types of migratory birds from the Amazon. Tanagers come in a wide variety of colors such as red and orange or a more grayish-blue. The male Scarlet Tanagers are known as the most gorgeous birds seen in the north during the summer, but they often stay towards the tops of trees. The female Tanager’s song is usually a response to the male’s while she is gathering materials for the nest. 

Welcome Friend!

There are several ways to welcome these birds to your home.

  • Migratory birds would feel safe and grateful if food is provided to them which you can accomplish through bird feeders. There are many different types of feeders that depend on which bird you want to attract.
    • For instance, the Scarlet Tanager would enjoy platform feeders during their migration in the spring. They like halved oranges, raisins, and mealworms amongst other insects.
  • A simple bird bath would be a great provider of water as well. The water must remain fresh and preferably changed every three days to protect the birds from disease. It is easy to create a habitat friendly area for birds in your yard by doing these simple steps. 
Different types of bird feeders – Hopper Or “House” Feeder, Nyjer Feeder and Suet Feeder. @Istock

Challenges Migratory Birds Face

Although this experience of spring migration is wondrous and fun, it is important to keep in mind the major challenges migratory birds are facing. The population of these birds has been sadly declining due to habitat loss. This can happen here up north or in the Amazon. For instance, in the rainforest, many birds are ill-equipped when facing forest fires which are most likely caused by land-grabbers or ranchers. (Sims, 2019). Their habitats are threatened by deforestation a majority of times but also by the disastrous effects of climate change. An increase in global temperatures and longer drought periods are creating an impossible situation for birds to find a livable habitat. A similar fate awaits them in the north with wildfires, drought, severe storms and development pressures reducing their breeding habitats.

Brown bird perched on dead tree branch against blue sky. California wildfires aftermath and nature devastation of biodiversity in urban areas. @Istock

What You can Do

Fortunately, there are individual steps to take that help these birds, if only small ones:

  • As noted above, providing food, water, and shelter in your own backyard can make all the difference.
  • In addition, holding off on mowing open space during May and even into June will give ground nesting birds an added boost by allowing their young to mature sufficiently to fly when mowers do come to cut grass or hay.
  • Of course planting areas with native plants help provide a food supply of seeds and berries, plus the added benefit of shelter. Small steps, but a big boost for these wonderful birds.  

Keep an eye out for these migratory birds since their stay is only temporary and we do not get to enjoy their company all year round. It is exciting to see these birds travel from south to north so let’s make sure they have a pleasant stay in order for them to stabilize and grow their population. 


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