Join Our Earth Day Symposium – April 22, 2021



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April 16, 2021

Join Our Earth Day Symposium – April 22, 2021


University of Delaware Earth Day Symposium 2021

The Earth Day symposium will be held via zoom on Earth Day, Thursday April 22nd, from 7-9PM (EDT).

We will have four speakers plus two discussion periods. Each speaker is to be allotted 18 minutes. After each pair of speeches, we will have a twenty-minute discussion session.  

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Speaker: Elizabeth Swanson AndiView Eli’s ACEER Profile!

Title: “Llakichina” Empathy with the Forest: Feeling the land through generations of intimacy with the earth.

Talk description: Earth Day is a global day of reflection, celebration, and action but for most indigenous communities in the Amazon Rainforest it is simply another day where we live in mutual respect with the land around us—earth is celebrated and fought for every day. We celebrate life, land, and our ancestors. We fight for our home, for survival, for generations of intimacy with the land. As global impacts heighten throughout the Amazon Rainforest, indigenous people stand on the frontlines but their voices and cries for justice are often left unheard. Through visual storytelling I would like to take the time to serve as a bridge and bring you all closer to the land and people who shaped me. My task in relation to Earth Day is to share the social relation to nature that we have fostered through generations, the reason that we celebrate and fight for life every day.

Biography: Elizabeth Swanson Andi is a Napu Kichwa woman from the Santu Urku Kichwa community on the Napo River in the Ecuadorian Amazon. She is the president of Iyarina, her family-run research and education center dedicated to the preservation of indigenous languages/cultures and the conservation of their forest home. Through Iyarina, she has served as a bridge between two worlds bringing indigenous leaders, knowledge carriers, academic experts, and students together to discuss the past, present, and future of the Amazon Rainforest. As an ACEER Conservation Fellow and member of Inti Anka Taripay (association dedicated to science in kichwa) she continues to amplify the voices of the Amazon through art, science, and impactful storytelling. For Elizabeth, “Earth Day” means remembering her ancestors, taking care of what she loves, and giving back to the land and people who shaped her.


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