Therany Gonzales Ojeda

Birding in the Amazon

Birding in the Amazon is just a wonderful activity! It became one of my favorite activities when I had the opportunity to participate in a bird’s inventory in the Peruvian

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Judith Westveer

On a quest for gold 

The first time I visited Madre de Dios, Peru, was in 2010. I took a boat up the Tambopata River, and saw that the water was laced with golden glitter

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Indigenous Cultures
Brian Griffiths

Machacando Masato

The air in the kitchen shimmers with the heat, but Marina doesn’t sweat as she leans over her moledor to begin pounding yet another batch of boiled, steaming yuca waiting

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Carolyn Keller

Invasive Species: The Art of Attention

In a world fundamentally altered, and existentially threatened by climate change, it would benefit all of us to become far more adept at the art of care and careful attention – so that we stop creating problems we don’t know how to fix.

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In the Garden of Deeden: Ginger Beer

A visit to any market in Amazonia reveals a rich array of locally grown fruits and vegetables including a variety of fragrant, flavorful spices.  Included will be the widely popular

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Donovan Aldridge

Science Through a New Lens

How a Paper Microscope is Paving the Way for Students, Teachers and Conservation One a cool Sunday in October of 2020, I did not rush inside to go watch any

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ACEER Conservation Fellows
Marcos Carello

The Frogject

I arrived once again in Madre de Dios on the 23rd of November, 2020. This was the first time I would spend a significant amount of time in the rainforest

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