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Colonial School District, ,Delaware Teachers' Institute, Yale National Initiative

Joseph Parrett


ACEER Member since:  2021

Professional Affiliation: Colonial School District, ,Delaware Teachers' Institute, Yale National Initiative

"Conservation is a goal and a mindset. Tomorrow is about hope, today should be about preparations to make that hope a little more likely."


I have been teaching for over 20 years, the last 7 of which have been in kindergarten. As a teacher of 5 and 6 year olds, I have found myself actively searching for engaging content and innovative strategies to sharpen foundational skills while also inspiring the curiosities of my students. My quest for the engaging classroom has led me to the Delaware Teachers' Institute and the Yale National Initiative where I have studied a wide range of topics. Over the years I have introduced my students to performance arts, semiotics, renewable energy, natural disasters, film studies, and polyominoes. As my students devoured these unique lessons, the quest led me to National Geographic. In teaching my students I continued to learn myself, becoming a Nat Geo certified teacher. The certification experience led to developing lessons on conservation and introducing students to a global mindset. As the class fell in love with pandas (which really wasn't that challenging, they are adorable) and bees (which typically kindergartners do not find so adorable) I found myself operating further and further outside the box. My classroom is forever evolving. It is a strange amalgamation or puppets, technology, art, and content that most would not align with a primary classroom. I love my strange classroom and the students that smile and grow throughout their kindergarten year. Much as my classroom has morphed and grown over my career, so too have I as an educator. My quest has led me to be a teacher of the year for my building and a district mentor working with first year teachers. I am excited to develop engaging lessons working with ACEER and cannot wait to see how the experience changes my classroom, my students, and myself.

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